Group training for runners, swimmers and cyclists.

Make training fun with structured group workouts. Create your own team for free or join one in your neighbourhood.

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What is Endurance?

Endurance provides a marketplace for runners, swimmers and cyclists to enjoy group training together with friends or their local community.

Create your team

Start a local team in your neighbourhood and invite your friends. Promote your team and make it open for anyone to join.

Share your workouts

Create and share structured workouts with powerful scheduling tools. Adapt to individual team members using heart rate and pace zones.

Earn subscription fees

Make your team invite only, or turn it into a subscription and earn money by offering exclusive group training sessions and coaching.

Connect with your team

Chat and communicate with team members or offer private coaching with one-on-one messaging.

Privacy and safety

Your safety and privacy is very important to us. We do all we can to make group training as safe, inclusive and fun as possible for everyone.

Verified identities and reviews

By encouraging team owners to verify their identities we prevent fraud and make group training safer. Team reviews help you feel confident that the team you are joining is serious and that the people you work out with are who they say they are.

We keep your health data private

Your personal data is handled in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and we make sure that your private health and workout data never leaves your device without your consent. Sensitive health and workout data is always encrypted and stored safely on your device.

Accident insurance during training

Injuries and accidents is always a possibility with endurance training. We include accident insurance during training sessions for all payed team subscribers. Accident insurance will be available soon in select regions from our partner insurers.

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